Book 6 Test 2 Section 3


Convenience (noun) Synonym: Comfort

The quality of being useful, easy or suitable for somebody

  • We have provided seats for the convenience of our customers.

Conviction (noun) Synonym: Belief

Conviction (for something) the act of finding somebody guilty of a crime in court; the fact of having been found guilty

  • She has six previous convictions for theft.
  • He plans to appeal against his conviction.

Feats (noun) Synonym: Accomplishment

An action or a piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage

  • The tunnel is a brilliant feat of perform/attempt/achieve astonishing feats
  • That was no mean feat (= it was difficult to do)

Hindrance (noun) Synonym: Obstacle

A person or thing that makes it more difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen

  • To be honest, she was more of a hindrance than a help.
  • The high price is a major hindrance to potential buyers.

The act of making it more difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen

  • They were able to complete their journey without further hindrance.

Indigenous (adjective) Synonym: Native

Belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else

  • The indigenous peoples/languages of the area indigenous to…
  • The kangaroo is indigenous to Australia.

Indispensable (adjective) Synonym: Essential

Too important to be without

  • Cars have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Indispensable to somebody/something

  • She made herself indispensable to the department

Indispensable for something/for doing something

  • A good dictionary is indispensable for learning a foreign language.

Numerate (adjective) Synonym: Counting

Having a good basic knowledge of mathematics; able to understand and work with numbers

  • All students should be numerate and literate when they leave school.

Paramount (adjective) Synonym: Predominant

More important than anything else

  • This matter is of paramount importance.
  • Safety is paramount.

Pebbles (noun) Synonym: Boulder

A smooth, round stone that is found in or near water

  • a pebble beach