37 # Cue Card (Transportation)

Describe the different means of transportation

You should say:

  • Means of transportation in Urban areas
  • Means of transportation in Rural areas
  • Which means of transportation do you often use

and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using it.


Transportation, much like communication, is a platform that has seen great change over the ages. The magnanimous amount of innovation that has led to a large variety of means of transport is mind-boggling. Even more so considering the fact that every medium of transportation consists of a thousand more designs, as well. At present, journeys that would have taken days now take mere hours to accomplish, hours that we tend to be impatient with, nonetheless. Modern transport is made to accommodate people from all walks of life, with cabs being quite common in both rural and urban areas. Though more informal modes of transportation are less common in Urban areas due to more dangerous traffic, donkey carts, bicycles and scooters are more common in Urban areas. Rural areas cater more to people with cars, seeing as people make more use of the maintained roads as well as the fact that the residents of these areas can actually afford such modes of communication. I make use of my parents' car to date, much to my behest. It is still preferred as opposed to buying my own car since the damage such platforms of transportation pose to our atmosphere and environment is downright catastrophic. So a maximum number of people making use of the same vehicle is very recommended as opposed to increasing environmental risks by each person striving to purchase and make use of their own car.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.