IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 21

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

write about the following topic:

Q: More and more adults spend their time in playing computer games. Why do you think so many adults are doing this? Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

Many factors such as hectic routines, isolation, eye catching technology and a lack of resources for physical activities compel young blood to gravitate towards digital games. This development has both pros and cons, but before having a final verdict, one needs to discuss all facets of the subject under discussion in detail.

There are many possible reasons behind the indulgence of youngsters in computer games. Nowadays, life is really on its fast track.(,) Traditional sports such as cricket, football, and hockey are considered to be more time consuming than spending time on attractive video games. A vast majority of the youth has access to computers, which are further equipped with bundles of addictive computer games that can be played when desired. These are some of the reasons behind the fame of computer games.

The trend has both advantages and disadvantages. There is no harm in playing games, but when someone has an addiction of an activity, then the blessing could turn into a curse. Young age is always considered as the precious time span of life; those who kill their time in playing video games often face the consequences in terms of health issues, academic sufferings and financial constraints. No doubt, some computer games develop problem-solving skills, and if people play them to improve their mental activities, then this is a healthy activity.

In the end, one may assert that, in actuality, tools are developed for the benefit of the masses, but we are the ones who use them in a wrong way. However, adults’ excessive tendency towards computer games brings more harm than advantages.

Response 2

These days, a majority of the youth consumes their precious time in playing computer games. There are many reasons, such as the attractive features of these games, abstinence from physical exertion and ease of access, that make them more inclined towards these games. Although playing computer games has some benefits, I am of the opinion that it does more harm.

It is a reality that adults like the comforts of life and they hardly want to do some physical activities. This reason compels them to stay at home, and playing computer games is the best activity to do at home. Further, the designs and features of digital games seem closer to real life, which not only entertains its players, but it can also be utilized as the most appropriate way of killing time. Age of Empire, Red Alert and several other games fascinate their participants so much that they can not stay away from their spellbinding effects.

Many game-lovers sometimes exaggerate in stating the benefits of computer games and assert that it is good for cognitive development. Further, these games inculcate some life like strategies which are equally applicable in real life. The arguments are true to some extent. However, its drawbacks overshadow these limited advantages. Consistent focus on a computer screen may affect the user's sight and excessively playing computer games can possibly make them sick.

Response 3

In these days, loads of adults show their interest in playing computer games. The emerging trend is backed by many factors such as youngsters' state of isolation, attractive designing of computer games and eye catching advertisements. This development has both positive and negative folds, but before reaching to one single conclusion one must expand this discourse.

There are numerous reasons that attract adults towards playing games on computers. Firstly, the trend of playing physical games is shrinking with the passage of time, and a huge number of youngsters spend their times at home. One reason for this shift of habits is the attraction of modern technology; every second person is curious about learning and having new gadgets. Secondly, the new video games provide various features such as three-dimensional view and life-like dialogues which have left no one unfamiliar with being attracted towards these games. Lastly, the authorities have taken the least interest in the physical activities of next generation.

The excessive interest of youth in computer games has more harmful than productive effects. A vibrant young blood with strong ambitions is in more interest of a nation than a lethargic person who spends their day and night playing video games inside his or her home. Many thought-provoking examples of adults who are game addicts are enough for learning of the young generation. Apart from some mental exercise, in some cases, there is hardly any fruitful advantage of spending time playing games.

In the end, one may conclude the whole discussion by saying that the disadvantages of adults' involvement in playing computer games outweigh its advantages.

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