45 # Cue Card (Magazine)

Describe your favorite magazine

You should say:

  • What is the name of the magazine
  • How does it interest you
  • What is your favorite part in the magazine

and explain how this magazine had major influence on you.


One of my favourite magazines goes by the name of "Superheroes Today". Despite the cheesy title, this magazine caters to all the fantasy fancies I seem to have in terms of fictional character, be it from comics, movies, series or books, whereas other mediums of entertainment or news tend to overlook this particular media. I have a particular intrigue towards all fantasy-themed entertainment as well as all forms of entertainment media for a number of reasons. I love storylines that have a satisfying amount of complicated twists, good characters etc. Fictional comics and other forms of media satisfy my intrigue because the amount of thought put into every character and plot is unparalleled, it is far greater than the amount of thought put into a number of other things in life by a number of people who truly need to think more often. I also happen to love a good mystery. Mediums such as these have a good potential to provide us with more fascinating mysteries- I believe this is due to the fact that they are not bound by the constraints of reality- so the fantastical stories reviewed in these magazines are able to go far and beyond the said confines. Fiction is, after all, unlimited. My favourite part of the magazine is the section in which they provide insight into different characters and reveal facts about them that I never knew before; it backs up and also gives way to a number of new conspiracy theories. This makes the conspiracy section even more enjoyable to read.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.