221 - Equivocal

equivocal : Adj

  1. (of words or statements) not having one clear or definite meaning or intention; able to be understood in more than one way (Oxford)

  2. (of actions or behaviour) difficult to understand or explain clearly or easily (Oxford)

  3. not clear and seeming to have two opposing meanings, or confusing and able to be understood in two different ways (Cambridge)

جس کے مختلف معنی لیے جا سکتے ہوں / ذُومعنی / مبہم


  1. She gave an equivocal answer, typical of a politician. (Oxford)

  2. Women were less equivocal than men on the subject of fidelity in marriage. (Oxford)

  3. The experiments produced equivocal results. (Oxford)

  4. She gave an equivocal response. (Cambridge)