52 # Cue Card (School Subject)

Describe a subject taught in your school

You should say:

  • What subject it was
  • Who taught it
  • How the teacher taught it
  • What you learned from the class

and explain how it helped you.


One of the many subjects that were offered in my high school includes English Home Language. It was one of the subjects that I was particularly fond of, owing to my intrigue in all sorts of languages and literature. My English teacher was an aged South African woman who always inspired me in terms of how well she took care of her health and fitness and the way in which she carried herself- with a grace that was hard to come by in this time and age. She taught English in a way that made it evident to anyone who was witness or subject to it that she had a true passion for the subject as well as teaching it to her students. She put in a genuine, concerted effort to ensure that every single one of her students received the attention necessary for them to understand every topic she was charged with teaching. The sort of passion and dedication she conveyed in her work is also something that I feel is hard to come by with teachers in this era; most seem to hate their jobs, after all- and children are to blame as much as the teachers. I learned a great deal about grammar and poetry from her class, amongst numerous other imperative rules regarding the English language. It gave me the opportunity to explore my prowess in the field of writing articles, stories as well as poetry. To this day, her lessons have stuck with me which goes to show how well my teacher actually taught the lovely subject.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.