Book 6 Test 3 Section 3

The Search for the Anti-aging Pill

Cellular (adjective) Synonym: Biological

Connected with or consisting of the cells of plants or animals

  • cellular structure/processes

Connected with a telephone system that works by radio instead of wires

  • a cellular network cellular radio

(British English) (of cloth) loosely woven for extra warmth

  • cellular blankets

Emission (noun) Synonym: Diffusion

[uncountable] (formal) the production or sending out of light, heat, gas, etc.

  • the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere emission controls

[countable] gas, etc. that is sent out into the air

  • The government has pledged to clean up industrial emissions.

Hypothesis (noun) Synonym: Proposition

[countable] an idea or explanation of something that is based on a few known facts but that has not yet been proved to be true or correct

  • To formulate/confirm a hypothesis
  • a hypothesis about the function of dreams There is little evidence to support these hypotheses.

[uncountable] guesses and ideas that are not based on certain knowledge

  • It would be pointless to engage in hypothesis before we have the facts.

Incredibly (adverb) Synonym: Unbelievably


  • Incredibly lucky/stupid/difficult/beautiful incredibly attractive/boring

In a way that is very difficult to believe

  • Incredibly, she had no idea what was going on.

Indicators (noun) Synonym: Signs

A sign that shows you what something is like or how a situation is changing

  • The economic indicators are better than expected.
  • These atmospheric waves are a reliable indicator of weather changes.

A device on a machine that shows speed, pressure, etc.

  • a depth indicator

(British English) (North American English turn signal) (informal blinker North American English, British English) a light on a vehicle that flashes to show that the vehicle is going to turn left or right

  • Her right-hand indicator was flashing.

Infirmity (noun) Synonym: Affliction

Weakness or illness over a long period

  • We all fear disability or infirmity.the infirmities of old age

Intake (noun) Synonym: Consumption

[uncountable, countable] the amount of food, drink, etc. that you take into your body

  • high fluid intake to reduce your daily intake of salt

[countable, uncountable] the number of people who are allowed to enter a school, college, profession, etc. during a particular period

  • the annual student intake Intake in universities is down by 10%.

[countable] a place where liquid, air, etc. enters a machine the

  • Air/fuel intake

[countable, usually singular] an act of taking something in, especially breath

  • A sharp intake of breath

Lifespan (noun) Synonym: Lifetime

The length of time that something is likely to live, continue or function

  • Worms have a lifespan of a few months.

Likelihood (noun) Synonym: Possibility

The chance of something happening; how likely something is to happen

  • There is very little likelihood of that happening.

In all likelihood (= very probably)

  • The meeting will be canceled.

The likelihood is that (= it is likely that)

  • Unemployment figures will continue to fall.This reduces the likelihood that the treatment will be successful.

Longevity (noun) Synonym: Durability

Long life; the fact of lasting a long time

  • We wish you both health and longevity.
  • He prides himself on the longevity of the company.

Merely (adverb) Synonym: Slightly

Used meaning ‘only’ or ‘simply’ to emphasize a fact or something that you are saying