14 Cue Card (Game or Sport)

Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing

You should say:

  • What kind of game or sport it is
  • Who you play with it
  • Where you play it

Explain why you enjoy playing it


I think it is a well-known fact that the sport with the most passionate fanbase is undoubtedly football. Football is a game that involves two teams and a single ball. Each team defends a goalpost that the opposing team has to try to score at, using the ball. I started playing football, also known as soccer, a few years ago because of my brother, who would rope my sisters and me into playing football with him in our yard, using the ball he had saved up for. He'd play with us on the off chance of him being unable to make plans with his peers to go play in the public football field of our town. Gladly, our yard has ample space for amateur football matches, which is good considering I have yet to develop the stamina to maintain a constant jog, even within our own yard. Football allows for a change in my otherwise hermit-like routine, giving me an opportunity to promote my own fitness and bonding with my siblings. Football, unlike other sports, is a fast-paced game that constantly keeps you on your toes- quite literally. Nothing gets me as pumped as football does, truth be told. No one can argue the fact that football is extremely effective when it comes to exercise and forcing each player to put in a concerted physical and mental effort into each facet of the game. It improves speed, agility, health, stamina quick-thinking and much more. And, of course, induces a good bit of competitiveness in anyon involved.

Thank you.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.