IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 11

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

write about the following topic:

People are buying more and more manufactured products to use or own. What effects does this have on the individual and on the society?

Is this positive or negative development?

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

Down the century, the topic regarding the excessive purchase of man-made products attracts our immediate attention because of its universality. There are two different aspects of the topic. Some of us go to the extent of saying that by using these products one can save time. And, on the contrary, others assert that the utilization of artificial products has more disadvantage than benefits. In my point of view, it would be pretty advisable to discuss both schools of thought in detail before reaching a conclusion.

People buy manufactured goods to use, and the effects of these products on society and individuals' lives are positive. Thanks to modern technology, now, we can preserve things for longer times. It also saves time in many ways: we can wash clothes, cook food and even save precious lives, which was not possible in yesteryear. Automatic washing machines and cooking equipment - microwave ovens, pressure cookers, sandwich makers, etc. - have made our lives easier. However, the development has some harmful effects on our lives.

Whenever someone manipulates nature, he pays its cost. Hundreds of new diseases (skin, respiratory and stomach diseases), in running days, are the product of this new lifestyle where people are pushing their boundaries beyond their limitations. Complaints of muscular diseases (is) are very frequent in both senior and young citizens, caused by the consistent usage of Air Conditioner. In the same fashion, we are contaminating the natural resources. Chopping down trees for its different utilization such as furniture manufacturing, paper making and packing has altered the ecosystem, and, now, global warming and damaging of the ozone layer are some after effects of extending modern trends. Where there is will, there is a way. One can subside the harmful effects of a modern lifestyle by devising some policies.

Response 2

Down the century, the trend of purchasing manufactured goods such as cell phones, LCDs, cars and other electronic appliances is swelling every second day. Some of us believe that this development has some negative impacts on both individuals and society. On the contrary, many others assert that the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages. One needs to dig further into this topic before coming to one conclusion.

The tendency of purchasing new products can be considered as a positive move of a society, and in many ways, it is equally important for people of every walk of life. Firstly, to avoid an economic recession, the currency needs to be circulated in many hands. In this way, paying attention to new arrivals is considered as a healthy activity. Secondly, the phenomena can also be perceived as an indicator of peace and stability in the country. In a true sense, people avoid purchasing new items only when the feeling of uncertainty and chaos prevails in a society. Lastly, it has been widely observed that people, these days, trust on those individuals who keep themselves updated with technology and modern gadgets. However, an excess of everything is bad, and one needs not to keep himself in trouble by pushing his boundaries beyond his limitations.

Being fascinated by newly manufactured products becomes a menace when people excessively purchase mechanical equipment, and they consider these expensive items as a symbol of their status. Many in Pakistan change the model of their cars every year, despite their old vehicles still being in a good condition. This attitude on one side affects their financial condition, at the same time, it engenders the feeling of envy in the society against them.

In Conclusion, the development overall has some strengths which outnumber its limitation in a way that it is we who decide whether or not we use something appropriately. In the same fashion, there is no harm in purchasing new items for our usage.

Response 3

It is a common observation that modern homes are overstuffed with man-made products and the trend of having the latest items is rising these days. Many of us consider this development as a positive sign for the individuals and society. However, excessive purchase of the products could cause detrimental effects on general masses.

Consuming more and more products is a healthy indicator in many ways: it reflects the power of purchase of people, which is necessary for individual and industrial growth. It also brings ease and comfort to human life. New products often have some new features. For example, in Pakistan, the earlier Nokia 3310 cell phone was considered as the best cellular phone, but since the advent of the new smartphone, this phone is almost eradicated. To earn bread and butter for household one needs to update oneself with the pace of the technology.

History is the evidence that people love to have new gadgets and the quest for exploring new vistas of life is still on its way. Owning new products such as refrigerators, LCDs, AC and smart phones extends working efficiency of people which is equally of importance for both the users and the society as well. However, few of us purchase these items to show off our wealth. This approach turns this blessing into a curse, which not only spoils the consumers, but it can also be termed as a social evil.

In the end of this discourse, we may conclude that having new products is a positive development but its wrong usage could be harmful.

Response 4

Since the last two decades, people have been excessively buying manufactured goods. This trend is fruitful for an ordinary individual. However, over-usage of human made items could cause copious social evils. Before reaching a final verdict, let us elaborate multiple folds of the topic under discussion.

In many ways, keeping oneself updated with modern technology is a positive development. A huge utilization of modern equipment such as TV, fridge, oven and other electronic equipment is an encouraging sign of this new trend. In the modern standard of living, where every day hundreds of people travel to their working places, they remain in touch with their) loved ones, and change their environment as per their requirements are the examples of some of the blessing of modern tools. As still water stinks, in the same fashion, those who stick with one invention could not enjoy their life.

In fact, sometimes thrills and spills of people and their desire to be known as the wealthiest and most powerful turned the advantages of manufactured products into its disadvantage. Few of us show off our power and domination over others and perhaps, for this reason, they needlessly purchase modern gadgets. This trend is equally harmful to these individuals and society as well.

In the end, one may declare that correct utilization of any novelty is the great concern of their users. And, in spite of stepping back from the usage of modern tools, one must consider its fertile application. Overall, I am of the opinion that purchasing newly manufactured items for usage has more benefits than its disadvantages.