58 # Cue Card (Musical Event)

Describe a musical event in your country

You should say:

  • What the event it is
  • Where it takes place
  • What kind of music is played

and explain why you enjoy it.


Coming from a religious, Islamic background, musical events are a very scarce novelty. However, the high school that I had attended used to host a concert that took place every four years. All five grades of the school would take part, with each class preparing a dance or performance of some sort, with the teachers actings as their choreographers or coaches. Some classes were unfortunate and discontent with the fact that the teachers in charge of their particular performance lacked the skill or knowledge to create an interesting piece for both the students and the audience. Fortunately, the prospect of spending school time on something other than work is a pleasing one for everybody. The concert takes place in the school hall in the evenings. Tickets are sold in order for the school to compensate for the expenses of actually arranging the concert and all its constituents. The staff in charge of the performances tends to gravitate towards olden jolly music, for some reason. I suppose a morose atmosphere just wouldn't do. The concert is exciting for everybody involved, with the students and teachers enjoying both the journey and the end result.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.