40 # Cue Card (Types of Movies)

Types of movies you like

You should say:

  • What type of movies do you like
  • How do you feel after watching
  • Since when are you watching these kind of movies

and compare different types of movies.


I think most of us can agree that movies are, by far, the best form of entertainment that exists. I tend to like almost every genre there is. Though I do tend to steer clear of horror movies- not for the generalized fear of them, no: I simply feel they lack a tangible, intriguing storyline. I feel that horror movies are rather predictable in the sense that there are very high chances that most, if not all, protagonistic characters in the movie will die. On the other hand, I am particularly fond of intellectual, comedic and intellectually comedic movies. When I unconsciously yearn for emotional and philosophical introspection, I tend to seek out movies with such astounding historical and intelligent stories that they often leave me reeling and emotional, they also feed my ever growing wonder at the very curious world we live in today. Humorous movies, as one might expect, are sought out either when my good mood reflects in my choice of movies or when my possibly foul mood may look to said movie choice as a coping mechanism, often resulting in an unlikely remedy. Movies, suffice it to say, are a very effective distraction from the said curious world around us, as well. I've been watching these type of movies ever since I obtained the equipment that made it possible to watch them. No matter the genre, movies can always serve as whatever we want them to serve as.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.