11 # Cue Card (Clothing) bands 8.5

Describe the types of cloth you prefer to wear

You should say:

  • What the clothes look like
  • When you prefer to wear them
  • Where you like to buy them

Explain why you like wear these clothes


Sunburn, Clothing, Fashion, Tights, Shirts, Represent taste, exquisitely crafted suiting, reveals personality, strong impact on social strata, dignity, Meticulous gentleman, represents culture, norms and values. women clothing, trendy, sale, flat sale, new arrivals.


Considering the fact that it is a common belief that a person's clothing is a platform of expression, the clothes I like to wear greatly depend on how or what I am feeling at the time. At times, when feeling overly jovial, I am tempted to go out of the house wearing baggy pants and a large hoodie, if not simply wearing my pyjamas or a bathrobe. Those are days on which I feel a lack of concern for propriety and feel far from competitive in terms of exhibiting exemplary taste and persona. I tend to be nonchalant about impressing people, which people seem to be concerned about a lot. As opposed to my casual phases, if I felt like going the extra mile with my appearance, I'd most certainly go for formal-wear. Not the tight jeans and snapbacks that seem to be a trend these days, no. My taste runs more along the lines of snugly-fitted tailored suits; which would comprise of a waistcoat, jacket, trousers and dress shirt. And not the flashy bright-coloured ones; I prefer darker colours; bearing in mind that I prefer simplicity and modest complexity, as paradoxical as it may sound. I believe a neat look only comes across in how well you maintain your clothing, not by how much of a shiny packing you manage to get yourself into. I put a bit of effort in my attire by wearing formal clothes when I'm feeling bold and powerful; when I leave the house with a solid game-plan in mind in terms of what I'm about to achieve. I am anything but a firm believer of expensive shopping. A high price does not necessarily mean excellent quality, I have not the luxury for that sort of mindset. I make do, quite well, I might add, with any regular franchise in town. They tend to have an impressive variety with adequate quality as well. Everyone should wear what they want whenever they want. But when one dresses for the occasion of kicking society in the behind, remember to keep the shoes shiny.

Thank you.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.