IELTS & Paragraph Writing

THE ART OF CRAFTING A PARAGRAPH, especially the one associated with the academic sphere, is based on some principles and nut and bolts worthy of being understood and learnt.

The first and foremost principle to remember, in this regard, the judicious selection of central idea, one of the essential driving forces required in both essay and paragraph. The sentences, then, must be interwoven in a way that each argument furthers the central concept and the author ought to stick with that focal point throughout the paragraph formation.

The second essential step is cohesion. To be clearer, the author must integrate sentences in a way that the meaning of each sentence backs the syntax and interpretation of the other within the paragraph. In our context, on the first hand, a vast majority with poor knowledge of essay writing hardly have the idea of the term cohesion if, on the other hand, some have the understanding, they remain failed in developing cohesion but with some exceptions.

Driving the point home, it is, indeed unjust, but a bitter reality that your general knowledge manoeuvres the whole process of testing and evaluation of your command over language, grammar and writing skills. For instance, a paragraph developed with highly inspirational language, strict grammatical criterion and exotic word selection can never be valued if it presents erroneous and misquoted facts and figures. In IELTS, however, the case is different.

By Muhammad Ayaz Aslam

Courtesy Muttahir Ahmad Khan

The Light House