IELTS Academic writing task 2 : Sample 09


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people think that children should learn at school, the ways how advertising companies advertise their products.

Do you agree or disagree?

Write at least 250 words

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1st Response expected bands 8 (Checked and Verified)

Some of us believe that young learners should be enlightened with the ways how the advertising companies convince their audience to purchase their products. I strongly back this stance because the knowledge is beneficial for both children and their parents.

Advertisements often manipulate children into buying a product and portray the consumers of these products as heroes such as Superman, Spider-man, etc. For this reason, teenagers seem more fascinated with purchasing these advertised brands, which often causes problems for both children and parents in a sense that children desperately want them to purchase and parents consider them an extra burden on their household budget especially for those who belong to a middle or poor class severely go through mental and psychological stress. Furthermore, in actuality, these eye-catching commercials are observed harmful for children’s health. For example, food manufacturing companies tempt children to purchase biscuits, chocolates, candies which leave ailing effects on their stomach and teeth. However, by giving awareness to children, one can reduce the harmful effects of advertisements.

It is a common observation that children consider schools the only learning places, and they always take everything they learn in their institutes seriously. If young learners are inculcated with the tactics of advertising agencies at the school level, the harmful impacts of commercials could be subsided. Many parents argue that their children denounce them and always prefer the statements of their teachers to their suggestions. Consequently, it would be easier for us to teach young learners about the harmful effects of advertisement in their schools.

In conclusion, we may assert that modern-day advertisements have more negative impacts on children than on adults. This issue can be somehow resolved by addressing the ways and tactics of commercial crafting companies in schools.

Response: 2

Many of us believe that young learners should be educated regarding the convincing ways of advertising companies. I strongly agree with this stance because the knowledge is beneficial for both children and their parents.

The argument that advertising companies persuade young learners to buy things they do not need, is weak. In actuality, publicity is an art of portraying a product to its future customers. When a company or a person advertises a product they are conveying how the product would benefit the consumer with its unique features. Moreover, children are the part of a society who really fantasized from these commercials. For this reason, children should be taught the philosophy behind the advertisement. In my view, advertising is a key tool in the market mechanism and can benefit both children and their parents and ultimately merchants in several ways such as spreading awareness, increasing competition, discourage monopoly and aiding the overall economy.

Not only intelligentsia but children around the world also suggest that schools are the right place to evoke awareness. Further, whatever they learn at school they take this learning seriously. Where there are many extra-curricular activities are now considered a part of learning; in the same fashion, knowledge about the tactics of advertising companies should be given to the children.

To summarize, barring a few disadvantages advertising can be used as a tool to excel the expansion of an economy by increasing the spending, bringing the right products to the consumer and boosting the competition. Children are also considered as the future generation so one should make them aware of the power of persuasion in the world of advertisements at the school level.⁠⁠⁠⁠