56 # Cue Card (Important Letter)

Describe an important letter that you received

You should say:

  • Who wrote it to you
  • What the letter was about
  • How you felt about the letter

and explain why it was important to you.


I don't receive many letters- which is a given in this technology-oriented era. However, one of the very few letters that I received in my lifetime was from a University in South Africa which offers online enrollment and education to students who need or prefer it. My parents preferred that I study from home, if at all, and I was certainly determined not to give up on pursuing a tertiary education. Naturally, I was pretty excited when I received the letter, anxious to discover whether or not I was accepted into the university. Upon opening the letter, I was ecstatic to find that I had, in fact, been accepted for both the courses I applied for. As tempted as I was to pursue both the courses simultaneously, I was limited to only one. The envelope contained not only the letter of admission but also consisted of a booklet that served as a guide to new students of the university that was rather helpful. It also contained a calendar perfectly suited for clarifying the dates on which certain tasks had to be completed, amongst other things. All the contents of the envelope were of good use to me, being a new student of the university, who, quite frankly, know nothing about the formalities and standard processes of any and all university-related affairs.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.